I was born in Romania in a period of time when the invisible walls of communism were higher and thicker than the visible ones. I always wanted to draw, to scribble and I’ve done it on everything that came in contact with my hand. From paper sheets to furniture, books, asphalt, even doll faces. Unfortunately, any artistic inclinations of the youth were not encouraged during my early years because they were not classified as profitable, therefore my parents did not encourage either my desire to attend a college of art, directing me instead towards a technical college, which I very much hated and refused to go to. So, couple years after I finished high school I chose to follow my passion and committed as a painter decorator using a technique almost forgotten today and extremely complicated (Daum Nancy and Galle), some sort of reverse painting on multiple layers of glass. I had worked in that field for almost 10 years, while also drawing cartoons and caricatures for a Hungarian company and comic strips for a local newspaper. At the age of 33 another dream came true, I got a visa and decided to come to the United States where I have settled with my family, only a few miles away from Chicago.

I am never content with my art. I don’t think that I will ever be. I believe that settling means to stop evolving.

In the beginning I was attracted to the more realistic styles and I followed this road by painting portraits (especially of older people, I find their faces absolutely challenging and fascinating) and also landscapes. I always admired the impressionists and I thought, for a while, that I may be closer to their style than to any other. With time I understood that painting by the model, imitating reality, doesn’t satisfy me at all. There’s millions of good painting-by-the-model artists out there. There’s even more beautiful, perfectly executed pieces of art. Painting realistically stopped satisfying me. So I begun digging into my imagination and my own dreams and, also, I started integrating some other materials into my paintings. Puzzles, for example. I am still experimenting and trying to find my own style, my own way to express what and how I feel. Hopefully, different from the others, and techniques that could impress and please my audience as well.