I try to fill the empty spaces around me with joy and beauty, fully believing that this beauty comes from the inside (of people and/or things). There is glow and mystery, lights and shadows in every human being and through my portraits I attempt to capture that. Usually I start my paintings with a colorful madness and mess, an unclear mix of mediums and colors.  I cannot decide easily on the predominant tone and I frequently get the feeling that I am not going to be able to finish that painting. However, I also feel the urge to do it, like a weight that has to be lifted from my chest. I have to transmit to you, the one looking at my painting, how much color is in a thought, a feeling, an emotion.

My favorite tool is the palette knife because it gives me the freedom of unrestricted expression and not imposed contours. I’m generous with the amount of colors and mediums. I love the acrylics for their malleability and for the fact that they dry quick and I don’t have to wait a long time between sessions. I like to “build” the human faces from the colors which, initially, don’t seem to have anything to do with it, but from surprising combinations, begin revealing and mixing all the emotions and the feelings that person is built from. The beauty comes from inside and the human face is a complex way to prove that.


I sometimes paint landscapes and the subjects are related to water and/or trees. For me, they are also feelings. A forest has a lot in common with wondering, searching, being taken by surprise. The water is related to calm, accomplishment, reassurance. Again, there’s a mad generosity with colors, tones, shadows and mediums. Layers overlap other layers, I find this feast of colors satisfactory for my artistic thirst.