36”x36”x2” (90cmx90cmx5cm) mixed media, 2019

the missing piece of your perfect life

You build your life as you would a puzzle. Piece by piece. 

"This piece doesn't belong. I believe there is still a piece missing. It looked like this piece fit perfectly here, but it was deceiving. I need to look for another piece to fill this spot”

You look for the right fitting friends, lovers, spouses, jobs, houses... 

This is the way our everyday life works. Sometimes you need to step back and look at your life as a one big, beautiful puzzle. You will see some of your pieces (people, habits, places, possessions) just don't belong in your puzzle. Maybe for a short time those pieces do fit, at least you think they do until life takes those pieces and shows you something that fits even better. But you get yourself into a mess when you start to alter your pieces that 100 percent belong there.

You never stop building and  rearranging your puzzle. 

But, in this whole process, sometimes you forget to fit there the most important piece. You’ll have to stop for a minute,  look closely and find out what that is.


(detail: acrylics on canvas, puzzle pieces and mirror)


pick one

36”x24”x2”, mixed media, 2019


the memory of water

48”x24”x2”, mixed media, 2019

Icelandic Dreams were born from my imagination The decoupages I used in these paintings are actually pieces from an older, much bigger painting (4th picture from the left)